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Each local United Methodist Church has an Administrative Council which enables, enriches, and oversees its ministry goals of the church. This Council is composed of the chairpersons of each ministry committee and other at-large members. The first of these committees, the nomination committee, chaired by the pastor. The nominated names are voted on by the members of the church at their annual Church Conference, under the guidance of the District Superintendent. Latest Ad Council Minutes
Church and Society Report

Faith United Methodist Church has the following committees, as guided by our United Methodist Discipline. Committee members serve three years. One of the members is chosen as the chairperson. Our committees and chairs are as follows:

Evangelism - Ron Harshman
Finance - Judy Austin
Missions - Janice Bolger
Staff Parish Relations Committee - Connie Steinbach
Worship - Joan Felkner
Education - Molly Felton
Trustees - Brad Warren
Library - Pastor Christy Ehrle, Tammy Brooks, Myrtle Felkner
Policies and Procedures - John Humphrey

Descriptions of the individual tasks and responsibilities of each committee follow.

Chair: Molly Felton, Sunday School Superintendent

This is one of the busiest committees in most local churches, and Faith UMC is no exception! Overseeing the Sunday School, which provides opportunities for lifelong growth and learning for Christian disciples, is a primary responsibility. This committee is charged with reviewing and choosing curriculum, recruiting capable teachers and providing teacher training and enrichment, and offering a wide range of fellowship and creative learning experiences, both informative and formative.

In addition to the Sunday School, this committee plans and sponsors educational events, such as Vacation Bible School, after-school Fellowship classes, camping for all ages, youth retreats, and others as needed.

Adult Sunday School is held each Sunday, late August through May, from 9:45 until 10:45 a.m. Youth Sunday School is held during the Worship Service, which begins at 11:00 am. See you there!

Chair: Ron Harshman

Mission: To reach out with the love of Christ by word and deed to our community and to our congregation.

The Evangelism Committee sponsors the annual Easter Egg Hunt and movie nights. It also provides much-needed food to hundreds of students during the school year with a backpack weekend meal program (involving many dedicated individuals in the church).

Chair: Judy Austin

Most households attempt to strike a balance betweeen their assets and the needs of the family. So it is with most churches. Salaries (pastor and secretary), building upkeep, and mission are priorities. Enter the Finance Committee. Most members of Finance serve on this committee as recommended in the United Methodist discipline. Certain offices, such as the Lay Leader, or the Staff Parish Committee chair, also serve on Finance as required by the Discipline.

There are three main duties of the group:
1. Compile a church annual budget, taking it to the Administrative Council for approval.
2. Make proposals to raise the money to support the proposed budget.
3. Recommend where the money is to be deposited and arrange for an annual audit.

The selected church Treasurer pays all the bills and submits his records to the Finance Committee.

Co-chairs: Tammy Brooks, Myrtle Felkner

Come explore the Faith Church Library! Tammy Brooks has given us extraordinary help on this adventure, cataloging and classifying the variety of books available. Because of limited room, books to be shelved are carefully chosen, with concern for the needs of our people. There are books of worship, theology, teaching and learning, and some of special interests to youth or children. There are also Bible guides, concordances and dictionaries. The special New Interpreter's Bible, a commentary of twelve volumes, is not frequently seen in smaller churches. These extraordinary books are available for everyone, but especially helpful for teachers and speakers.

The Library Committee oversees the choice of new books and the general maintenance of the collection. Please give your comments and/or recommendations to the committee.

Chair: Janice Bolger

Chair: Connie Steinbach

Chair: Brad Warren

You know the way it goes: the furnace is making peculiar noises, the shingles on the west side of the house are curling, and the bushes by the patio look sick. Someone has to fix all this stuff! The church building is no different from your house. Keeping everything workable, and attractive, takes constant care and supervision.

Enter the Trustees. Ordinary care and upkeep in their hands. Improvements or changes must receive the approval of the Administrative Council, working within the budget allowance. Individuals may make designated contributions to approved projects. Thank you, Trustees, for a clean and pleasant environment for worship.

Chair: Joan Felkner

The Worship Committee assists the Pastor in providing varied worship opportunities that meet congregational needs. The goals are to help people grow in their relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, know and understand the Bible, and learn how to live each day as Disciples of Jesus Christ. Church practices such as fellowship time, musical offerings, prayer, training of worship leaders such as acolytes, ushers, and communion stewards, and changes to the physical environment help achieve these goals.

The Worship Committee assists with special services such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, and Christmas Eve.

History of Methodism

The United Methodist Church had its earliest beginnings in a group of young men who became known as the Holy Club in Oxford, England.

Determined to live a more faithful life, one of these men, John Wesley, having returned from a disappointing mission trip to America, wandered into a meeting at Aldersgate Church . There he experienced the "warm heart" that led to a more personal relationship with Christ. With his brother Charles and a good friend George Whitefield, John Wesley extended his ministry as clergy in the Church of England to an outreach of outdoor preaching and the teaching of holy habits.

It was the systematic following of "holy habits" that caused some people to attach the word "Methodist" to the group in a derisive manner. Somehow the name stuck!

As the contingent of training preachers and "Methodists" expanded, regular Societies formed and eventually the movement spread to America. Circuit riders existed in both England and America, constantly increasing the number of members. John Wesley in England saw the need for clergy supervision and designated Dr. Thomas Coke to be bishop in America. At a Christmas Conference of 1784 at Baltimore, it was voted to form the Methodist Episcopal Church. That same week, Bishop Coke ordained Francis Asbury as a second bishop in the new church.

The new church continued to grow and spread throughout the world.

The Faith Quadrilateral

According to John Wesley, there are four avenues through which we develop and increase in faith. Later Wesley followers called these the "quadrilateral" a term we continue to use today.

Our primary authority and first avenue to a Christian faith is the holy Bible. God, in prevenient grace, reaches out to us in many ways, but particularly through His holy word in scripture. In second Timothy 3:16 we learn that the scripture "is useful for teaching, reproof, correction and for training in righteousness." What a treasure book of guidance for Christian living!

Wesley talks also of the value of tradition in the growth of faith. Tradition does not refer to "the way we have always done it" but rather to the teaching of the disciples, prophets, and to Christians of the early centuries. The Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed are examples for acceptance and study. A copy of these can be found in the United Methodist hymnal.

Experience is the third part of growing faith. Individuals may meet God in various life experiences, perhaps in times of crisis, in times of prayer, or when struck by the beauty and power of nature.

Can you imagine that using your brain may lead to faith? Wesley thought so! "Reason" is enlisted as the fourth side of the quadrilateral. However, caution must be exercised. Selfish impulses must not substitute for a true relationship with our Holy God and with God's worshiping community.


Although some denominations observe as many as seven sacraments, United Methodists recognize and celebrate only two, both of which were instigated by Jesus Himself.

God called John the Baptist from the wilderness to baptize with water for the forgiveness of sin. People flocked to the Baptist to receive redemption. Jesus, the sinless Son of God, came from his travels in Galilee to the Jordan River to seek John. John consented to baptize Jesus, although he insisted that he was not worthy to do so. When Jesus emerged from the water, a dove of peace descended upon him, and the voice of God was heard. "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." -- Matthew 4:17

Today baptism is a sign of belief and trust in Jesus as our Saviour. United Methodists may be baptized at any age from infancy until the last moments before death. In the case of infants or small children, confirmation classes for all young individuals are offered later on as well. Baptism may be by sprinkling, pouring or by immersion in water. Water is a symbol of the cleansing of sin from the believer.

The second sacrament celebrated by United Methodists is the Lord's Supper. John Wesley urged us to partake of this memorial as often as we can. At their last meal together, Jesus offered the bread and wine to his disciples with the words, "This is my body, broken for you," and "This is my blood, which is shed for you." Today we repeat this memorial to acknowledge and thank God for our Saviour, sent through His love and grace.

Only ordained pastors may preside over communion (the Lord's Supper). In the event that a Lay Servant is pastoring a church, an ordained pastor is asked to bless the communion elements ahead of time. Each congregation may select how often to offer Communion. Faith United Methodist Church celebrates the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month during regular worship.

If baptism is desired, arrangements should be made with the pastor.

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