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Sunday School

"Who knows but what the Sunday School may become the cradle of Christianity?" John Wesley exclaimed after visiting some of Robert Raikes' Sunday Schools in England. English children slaved in the mills and factories in Englnd at the time, and on Sundays indulged in street crimes and undesirable behaviors. Robert Rikes felt that teaching the children to read would lessen crime and improve their lives. The Bible was used ast the text, being the only book often available in English househoulds at the time.

Many of the Sunday Schools were established in the kitchens and yards of Christian volunteers. Not all the children were willing to attend. Some youngsters were chained to logs to prevent their running away from their Sunday School classes. Victory Hugo and Robert Raikes provided many treats for the children of the Sunday School in order to assure their attendance.

Today Sunday School teachers comprise the largest volunteer group in society. The United Methodist Church invests heavily in children's Christian education. The Sunday School is indeed the cradle of Christianity!

Faith United Methodist Church provides the recommended one hundred hours of supervised Christian Education for each child every year. We do this through our Sunday School classes, children's choirs, after-school progras, camping experiences and other special events. Our mission through Christian Education is to help each individual to know God as Creator, Jesus Christ as Savior, and the Holy Spirit as God's continual presence with us.

We accomplish this through the use of study materials recommended by our denomination and through the dedicated service of our Christian Sunday School teachers. We warmly welcome all ages to Sunday School each Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m.

United Methodist Parish Scholarship

Over forty years ago, seven United Methodist churches in Appanoose formed a cooperative Parish. Three pastors were appointed to serve the Parish, and a Director of Christian Education was hired. The Parish ministry thrived and served for over 25 years.

Unfortunately, the closing of the coal mines and a diminishing population in our own county forced some of the smaller United Methodist churches to close. The first of these, Exline United Methodist Church, closed at the end of 1979. And thereby hangs a story and an enormous blessing!

Saddened by the necessity of closing the "home church" of the remaining members, these good people sought a way to memorialize the ministry in Exline as well as to remain in ministry to the citizens of the country. The result was the establishment of the Faith United Parist Scholarship Fund. All the assets of the church at the formal ending on the last month of 1979 were deposited with the Methodist Foundation in Des Moines, with interest on this account to go annually to award college scholarships to young people from one of the remaining Parish churches.

Two other Parish churches have since closed and left all assets to this cause. In addition, the present surviving churches (Unionville, Cincinnati, First United Methodist and Faith United Methodist) celebrate "Have a Heart Sunday" the Sunday before Valentine's Day, on which voluntary contributions are received to add to the total of the interest payments, all going for college scholarships.

College-bound youth are invited to write applications for scholarship help, which are submitted to a committee composed of one member from each surviving church. Pastor Joan Ervin chairs this committee.

Exline, are you ready for some astonishing news? Through your vision and generosity of spirit, over 150 youth have received some college scholarship assistance. God has blessed us richly. Thank you to the Exline United Methodist church and to all who have contributed to this vibrant ministry.

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